When a customer initiates a chat and no agent is available, then customer has an option to send a message which will is called, a ticket. The code of ticket is actually the case number of a customer. Agents will contact after their availability.

A Ticket being generated will notify both you and the customer via email.

You are then able to reply to the customer via email or by visiting the tickets page.

You will be able to see a list of all Tickets by selecting Tickets from the chat dropdown.

From here you are able to view New, In Progress, Pending, Solved and Closed Tickets as well as creating new Tickets.

To filter your list by Ticket status, simply click the ticket status dropdown menu and select ticket status filtered results.

Here we have to understand the meanings of ticket statuses.

  • New: This represents new ticket is being made.
  • In Progress: Working is being started on this ticket.
  • Pending Customer: Something is pending from the customer to provide in order to proceed further.
  • Solved: Ticket has been resolved or you can say issue of customer has been resolved.
  • Closed: Ticket has been closed. Means chat closed after resolution of issue.

To Add a New Ticket select the plus at the top of your Ticket list.

This will compose a new Ticket where you could add both the customer and CC email along with the message you would like the customer to receive as shown below.

To respond to a Ticket simply select the Customer or Ticket number from the list as this will pull up the conversation as a chat where you are able to respond to the customer.