Here you can view all orders from your customers on the basis of Transfer status (PO, Production or Seller) status, payment stages, system-generated order ID, company name and customer name. From actions column, you can download or edit the order receipt and can also send a message to the customer.

To get into more details, click any order, it will take you to a text rich page.

On the header bar, you can view order status, system-generated order number, order placement date, sticky notes for orders  (specifically for this particular order page), payment stage and due amount (if any) and two menu bars.

Payment Stages are of following types;

Estimate : When you place an Order.

Partial Paid : When Half payment is done

Paid: When full payment is done

Need Refunded : When there is a liability on your company to refund dues of customer.

Refunded: When company refunded all dues of customer.

From the left menu button, you can view the ship out (estimated time and date of order shipment) and in-hand date and time. You can manually ship order, clone order, reprint order (to print the order again) also you can download the invoice. Clone order creates a similar order, but it will be for internal use (no one will pay for this order)

From the right menu button, you can see all the payment methods we facilitate. In the first tab, you can see credit card method used by the customer, In the next tabs you can view the ACH payment method, purchase orders, cheque, PayPal and customer balance.

In the four boxes, you can view the payment and shipment details. You can also edit or update them from your own end. You can edit shipping and payment from your end by clicking the ‘Edit’ button.

  • Billing shows the payment method utilized by the customer.
  • The shipping address shows the address where the product will be delivered.
  • The shipping method shows the turnaround period and courier service, with the help of which total amount is calculated.
  • Shipping from shows the place from where the order will be shipped.

Then you will have an item ordered bar. It will show the order details. The green signal shows that the item is attached to the cart. If it’s red, it means the item is not attached to the cart.  Here you can view the product, quantity, Option (any specific variations in the product ….), notes, Job stages, Artwork, approved date, discount (if any), unit price (price per piece), line total (unit price x Qty).

There are also few buttons on the order bar. You can download the artwork from the download button, check order details, view artwork by the same customer (from here you can also hold/un-hold jobs), view boxes, send email to the customer, download ob manifest. Moreover, you can also track the progress of your order by clicking on track order on right.

There is also a menu bar on the right. Click on the menu button to explore more features.

Click on Create Design in order to open a canvas. It has all the necessary features including stock images, shapes, templates, custom upload, and fonts.

You can edit jobs by clicking “edit/hold approved Jobs”. A new window will appear in which you can make changes in the job. Changes may be like quantitative changes and product option changes.

You can also add a tracking number for your order. You can add a tracking number manually before the order is shipped. If the order is shipped, it will be generated automatically.

You also have an option to cancel the order. If it’s in the production stage, you will first hold a job, then it will allow you to cancel the job. If it’s not in the production stage, it will cancel abrupltly.

You can also approve or edit the artwork uploaded. Moreover, you can delete and upload a new product before approving. It will show item number, name, and possible quantification.  Imange can be uploaded in jpg,  jpeg, gif, png, tiff, tif and psd.

If needed, you can contact your customer too, and follow up in a messages section.

A new dialogue box will appear in which you can send a message to your customer.

In transaction history, you can view all transactions of your customers. Moreover, you can navigate through the upper tabs to see the transactions

Declined: It means the order is declined from the approval section.

Refunded: If the colour of this section is yellow, it means it is pending for approval. If it is green, it means it is approved.

charged: Any type of charge is shown here.

Seller transactions: Here two types of transactions are shown, first is the site charge and second is the charge from another order.

 Moreover you can refund transactions to the customer from this section  (if any).

You can either refund in payment mode of the customer or as a balance in the wallet. A reason will also be required for refund.

There are two types of refunds;

1. Refund after cancellation of the order

2. Refund after the product dispute.

On the right-hand side, you can see the order summary.

In the next section, you can view your customer’s activity and the production notes of the current order. Moreover, you can also add your comments here.

In the next section, you can view the customer order, message and site message history.