Order’s Billing

Here we can view order billings for the sellers and manufacturers.

Sellers can sell our products on their website. Payments will be received here.

You can view All, Pending, and Available transactions from sellers and manufacturers. Pending shows the amount of order which is not shipped yet. Available balance shows the number of products shipped to customers.

To withdraw the amount, just click on the withdraw button. It will ask you to proceed to PayPal.

It will then ask you to select the mode of transaction, in an instant transaction, the amount is transferred within a few hours and in standard transaction, it may take 2 business days.


You can view transactional detail by clicking any of the transactions. It will appear in the dropdown.

Payment Information: Here all the transactions are listed.

Fees Information: In this block, all liabilities including taxes and service provider fees are listed.

Profit Information: Here you can see the total amount earned from orders and to other sites.


Balance Information : This will show all the withdrawn and pending balances.