Dashboard gives you clear insight of what’s happening in your ecommerce site. You can track the orders, payments and missing information from your customers at one glance. This monitoring screen allows you to click and resolve issues (if any) and resume the jobs that are on hold. It also shows you the order history and chat time with your clients. We tried to make dashboard much rich and trouble- free interactive.

Sticky Notes

Sometimes you need to keep some points for your record to use in future, for this reason, we created sticky notes in your admin panel so that, you may write and store your brief action items. Moreover you can edit or delete your notes too


Blogs are now a days indespensible for any brand, website, business etc. Blogs with proper keywords drive traffic to your website. More visits yield more engagements, which results in more sales. Our portal allows you to create your own blog to engage your customers.

Chat Support

Our portal comes up with a chat support feature too.  You can have your support agents to use this feature for the ease of your customers. Their chat records will be saved and you’ll be able to view on your dashboard to pinpoint the possible concerns of your customers.


Production feature allows you to track the manufacturing process of your orders. Here you can define the production stages (from initial to final), pinpoint issues that arise in production processes till an agent picks up to deliver that product.


Customers are subjected to many challenges while using ecommerce platforms. Sometime the item is not up to their expectations and they apply for refund. Moreover sometimes they apply for specific discount. All such requests can be viewed under approval tab.


Task management is the first step to accomplish a task. Our Scrumboard facility enables your team to plan and organize tasks for your business to ensure the overall quality of your services. It’s much easier than other workplace task management tools in market. 


Reports give you summary of your sales, revenue, acquisition and expenditures. Here you will know the progress of your whole store. This gives you room to judge your store and pin point issues (if any) for proper resolution.

Cloud Service

In Cloud Drive you will get a space to store your relevant data and customer files. The files you store here can be viewed and edited. You will experience an easy and secured cloud management. Our servers have 99.9% up time.


Inventory feature is the most important service management feature for any ecommerce platform in the world. Inventory accumulates that how much stock you have sold and how much is left. It automatically refreshes after every sale so that exact number can be viewed.


Payroll feature allows you to manage the pay scales of your employees or of your vendors. You can configure your payroll according to your company requirements. Moreover you can manage your taxation according to your state tax laws.


Our portal allows you to create an awesome storefront, where your items would be displayed for sale. Our storefront comes with essential ecommerce components which are easily customizable.