In an interactive and colorful Dashboard of Chat Support, you can view your all chat activities of your agents with customers at one glance.  You can view statistics as well as chat history (as shown below)


In a summary of statistics you can view the following summary of your portal’s chat.

  • In active agents you can see that, how many chat agents are currently active.
  • In away agents you can see that, how many agents are not active currently.
  • In active customers you can see that, how many customers are active for chat right now.
  • In active chats you can see that, how many customers are currently interacting with your agents

Then there is a next graph recording all chats and messages of your customers.

From here you can view the summary of all chats and messages.

In the next graph you can see the chat statistics according to Month. This graph is a heat graph, if the colour temperature is high, it means more chats were conducted at that specific time.

Moving towards chat history, it will contain records of each and every chat

There are user friendly filters to search the chat. For every chat there is Time, Customer name, Customer IP, Last message, Agents, Rating, Actions. There is only one action option for each chat i.e. ‘Go to Chat’. By clicking it, will redirect to the chat window of that customer.