Print Network Dashboard gives you clear insight of all your orders and customers at one single glance as shown in the figure below.

From the main summary section, we can easily view a blue meter which shows that, how
many orders we received and the green meter shows that how many customers we have so far, depending upon the age we select from the bottom of each meter. Then on the extreme right, it shows the list of our latest customers who purchased our product, as per the data age we select.

Then we have a graph of orders and customers on our platform, it shows the weekly projections. Projection lines will be of two opposite colors.

We are also able to track that, in which state, we acquire more or less online customers as depicted by the color temperature. (as shown below)

The next block chart shows the number of visitors we got as per the data age selected.

The chart on the right side shows the sales of top five categories of your products loved by your customers. Category results will appear as per the data age selected.