From the Agents screen, you are able to start a conversation with site agent and view chat history.
• New Chat: To start a new chat click the plus button above your list of current or ongoing chats.

Type the name of the person you would like to start a chat with or browse from the list of current contacts.
Select the checkbox of the person or multiple people you would like to include in the chat.

If you would like to add a title to the chat you are welcome to. Next, click the checkmark to complete.

After you have successfully created the chat you will see it in your list to select.

To send a message simply select the chat, compose a message and click send or hit enter on your keyboard.
Archive: When you are finished with a chat simply select which one you wish to remove.

In the top right corner of the chat select the options button.

Then select Archive.

To view archived messages click on show Archived Chats as shown below.

To Un Archive a chat select show archived chats select the one you would like to Un Archive, select options in the top right than choose Un Archive.

In the content info, you will be able to view the chat history of with all agents (if any).