ToDo How To’s

With PrintNetwork ToDo’s you are able to create a list of important tasks. Once the task has been completed you are able to simply check it off of your list.

You are able to create tasks both from your dashboard or the ToDo page.

Add Task: To add a new task from your dashboard go to the ToDo’s list box. (Shown Below)

Add a title.

Then select “ADD TASK”.

The New task will then be displayed in the list below.

To Add a new task from the ToDo’s page navigate to ToDo’s from your side menu.

Select “ADD TASK”

After selecting to add task you will be asked to add a Title as well as start date, due date, notes and any users you would like to assign to the task. Once finished click save!

After saving your task it will be displayed at the top of your task list.

Complete Task: To complete a task from your Dashboard simply select the checkbox.

This will remove the task from your list.

To complete a task from your todo’s page select options at the far right of the task and choose Mark as Done.

To have your task saved to your starred folder select the star on the right of the task.

This will save it to the Starred folder under ToDo’s as shown below.

Simply select the Star again to remove it from your Starred list.

Reorder: To reorder your tasks click on the two lines on the left side of your task and drag the task to where you want it. Once done simply let go to have it placed. (Shown Below)


Priority: To Mark as priority select the exclamation point toward the right side of the task.

To view tasks marked as priority select this option from your filters.

To remove from Priority simply re-select the exclamation point and it will be removed from your priority list.

Schedule: To filter your task list in the order of which they are due select Schedule from the filters.

This will filter your tasks by due date. If no due dates were selected they will be ordered by most recent task being on top.

Today: By choosing this filter you will be shown all your tasks that either have a start or due date for the current day.

Done: Selecting this option will show you the list of all your Done/Completed tasks.

Deleted: Filtering by Deleted will show you all of your deleted/archived tasks.

Assigned by Me: With this filter you will be given a list of all tasks that you have created and assigned to other members of your team.

Assigned To Me: With this filter you will be able to see the list of task you have created or assigned to you by other team members.

Mentioned: With this filter you will be able to see the list of task in which you are mentioned by other users.